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There are many ways to become a part of this event:


Countless hours go into raising the tens and thousands of dollars and in-kind donations it takes to put on this event each year. From sponsoring the carvers lodging and travel fees, to providing meals, site cleanup all the way to sucking out the portapotties at the end of the day. So many individuals, small local businesses, the District of Chetwynd and surrounding towns,  all the way up to multi-national corporations are needed to pull off a successful championship. Please contact the society to see how your sponsorship dollars can make you a part of this world renowned event by clicking the "Become A Sponsor Now!"  button above.


Living in the area? Enjoy chipping in and helping out? Become a member of the board that selects the carvers and sees this competition to the finish line year after year. The Chetwynd International Chainsaw Carving Championship Society (CICCCS) is a volunteer run board with room for 11 members. An AGM is held every September for new members so keep a wary eye out for the date to save in your calendar.


Just want to help out without joining the society? No problem. There is also lots of room to help out on the event weekend with everything from being a carvers helper, to helping organize things like airport pickups, or meal deliveries.

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